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and obama's book. >> they ought to fact check-- >> you can't send a selective, 11 fact checkers for a book when they didn't fact any other book, what is it about sarah palin snfrnlt don't be against fact checking. >> i'm not. >> you're not in favor of selective fact checking? >> check any fact that's called into question. they didn't do it for the other books, didn't check any of them until her book. >> they should check them all. >> mark my words, oprah winfrey leaves her show in 2011 and sarah palin will fill that space and do you think the media wants her to run? no they don't want her to run i don't think she wants to run. judy's mention of her as soap opera. she's laughing all the way to the back. >> soap opera's sell. it appeals to a narrow niche of america. >> when you do $300,000 in sales the first day that's a big niche. >> almost what is it 1/10 of 1% of america. >> it's a lot of people. >> she's on oprah, she was oprah's hottest show. >> and barbara walters, she played it shrewdly. >> how do i get such a niche. i'll buy the book. >> all palin, all the time. >> and i had better b
. >> kelly: iment on fox news watch. one year since barack obama was elected president. >> change has come to america. >> does the media love fest continue? and election day on tuesday with two important races. will the mainstream media spin the results? economy troubles, sputtering health care reform, no plan for our troops. our commander-in-chief has become chief fundraiser, has the press noticed? distracted at 30,000 feet. two northwest pilots missed the runway by more than 100 miles. did we get the facts? is the press flying in circles? and the world series is on and so is the trash talking by the president in both cities. >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. rich lawrie editor of the national review. jim pinkerton fellow new america foundation and columnist and fox news analyst keir stin powers, i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. . >> i'll always be honest with you about the challenges we face. i will listen to you, especially when we disagree. >> barack obama on election night there, just about one year ago. fast food forward to
, until president obama spoke on tuesday at a memorial service for the fort hood victims of the attacks, 14 news mentioned he hasan was a muslim. 93% had no mention. after what the president called extremist islamic views, 85 percent of stories on broadcast networks did not mention the word terror, abc, cbs nbc evening in ours referenced terrorist connections to the fort hood attack just seven times in 48 reports. cal are, you wrote about this this week. was there a hesitancy on the part of the network, on the part of the media to call this terrorism? >> without question. every time i wrote on the the subject i get a slew of mail, my syndicate gets a slew of mail, calling me a bigot and islam-foeb. back in the 1980's when the so-called religious right, the conservative christians came up in the political system, the media sent cameras to the churches, they stereo typed little old ladies and men driving pickup trucks and labeled them ultra right extreme right, fundamentalist. they didn't care about labeling them. no hands off. no cameras in the mosques, no labelists of islamic extremists
. harry reid promised to be on c-span, full disclosure, this was about the obama administration, behind closed doors and the media hadn't followed up on that if the same way that if a republican made that promise and broke it. >> one exception one remarkable is david broder, 80, 8-0 years old and still working and calling them as he sees them and a minor war over harry reid, talking the language that they're talking about, hey, this thing is going to cost more than they reamlize. >> is this going to be covered when thanksgiving break is over and everybody comes back to washington? >> oh, yeah. >> yes, yes. >> yeah. >> certainly, certainly. >> and with the economy they better be. >> polls may show a drop in public support because people just want this thing over by now. they're tired of this story, right? >> and it is time for a break, but first, do you want to know what our panelists really think? during the break we keep the cameras rolling in the commercial. check out news watch. back in two minutes to talk about the terror trials coming to the media capital of the wor
of the united states, barack obama, congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. i thank the president for his tremendous leadership because without president obama, this would not have been possible. he had the vision and momentum to get it done for the american people. for that, we're very, very proud. proud of our success plowed of the members of congress who took very, very intense interest in the legislation. they know what we accomplish for american people and it would not have been possible without tremendous leadership of our committee chairs, mr. waxman and miller and mr. rangel. i have want to congratulate the leadership team a. it's becoming more and more of a partnership. we hear from all of them. hoyer and mr. larson and mr. befarous, mr. van holland, the cochair mr. miller and congresswoman deloro has been wonderful. now we'll hear from the chairman. but we all promise to be brief. i'll save the rest of my remarx for another night and talk to you later. i know i speak for all of them when i say how proud we are toto stand here with john dingle. he brings the
by president obama. democrats say they have the votes. final vote is expected sometime later this evening. and president obama and first lady michelle obama will travel to fort hood texas to attend a memorial service tuesday. one vigil has held last night as the community comes to grips with the rampage by alleged shooter malik hasan that left 13 dead and dozens injured. former president bush and laura bush made a secret visit to the post last night. with pomp and circumstance the navy added a new ship to the fleet this weekend. the u.s.s. new york with steel from the world trade center. the a military flyover and a cannon salute. secretary of state clinton was on hand. that's it for me now. return you now to cashin' in. >> sin is in. voters in ohio giving a thumbs up for casinos in their state this week. folks in one colorado town giving the green light to legalizing marijuana. some lawmakers say that taxing sin will help pay off the debt. wayne, you say they're dead wrong. why do you say that? >> well, because i think taxing syntaxi sin, taxes, a stupid way, what they're trying to do so
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)